Effective Light Advertising!


The main advantage of light ads placed on high-rise buildings is that they are noticeable from a distance and have a direct impact on the consumer. It’s always a good idea to use the evening to illuminate the city with creative messages.

Technical Considerations

Dimensions of the advertising panels are determined by the specific order and idea of ​​the client. The place of installation is also important. The height of the roofing ads varies between one and five meters, it is not desirable that it exceeds a maximum of 5 meters. With large dimensions, you risk external influences to damage or break your ad, which is dangerous for people around you and an unprofitable investment.

Material Ideas and Order Execution

The structure of the supporting metal construction depends on the design, volume and type of the advertisement. When it comes to volume letters, signs, neon signs, installations of different shapes and lighting, a metal structure is built on which separate lighting elements are attached.

Lighting of roofing ads is done with fluorescent lamps, led modules or neon tubes, and fluorescent lamps are preferable because they have a long life and are not difficult to maintain.

Neon lighting is also very popular in the production of advertising equipment. It has specific colors and is preferred by some popular brands we work with.

In Farco, We Use Two Technologies for Making Neon Ads:

  • Advert signs with open neon – Neon tubes are installed directly onto the support structure so as to display ad text and / or logo.
  • Closed Neon – Neon lamps are installed in the volumetric letters or illuminated boxes from which the outdoor advertising will be made.
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