What is Outdoor Advertising?


Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising because it attracts the attention of passing people 24 hours a day. That is why it is important to make your outdoor advertising as effective as possible.

Good production quality and design definitely work for the advertiser.

The ad needs to attract attention in order to be noticeable, it has to be interesting and to bring useful information for the user in order to be memorable.

Appropriate color range should be selected. It is best to attract attention naturally to the signaling colors. But to make advertising as a sign – in most cases we will get the opposite effect. To attract attention interesting background with the appropriate color can be used, the company logo or other ornament can also help.

For each ad, a specific message targeting the client is the most appropriate approach. The text should be short and clear. Of course, it is necessary to properly select the appropriate font and color for the texts.

Another important element is from what distance the ad is visible and how quickly the eye passes through it. The better you see it and the longer you look at it – the better it is. In some cases, certain compromises can also be made. Part of the text is made in a size that ensures reading it from a greater distance to engage the attention, and the rest is readable in close distance. Thus, more information can be presented using the same area. However, a clear distinction must be made between the product catalog and outdoor advertising.

In order to have a positive effect, all this has to be done with knowledge of the work by a skilled and knowledgeable expert.

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